For the last 40 years, I have been in leadership positions throughout my career. Whether as a leader in the military or a leader of many various businesses, I have had to oftentimes make tough and unpopular decisions. True and effective leadership is the ability to make those decisions based on the best information you have from doing your own research along with input from a competent team.

I believe in hiring the best people available for key positions and then empowering them to utilize their skills and experience to succeed. As Mayor, I will work hard to put highly qualified people in key positions and charge them with providing comprehensive plans for their departments that align with my overall vision for the operation of the city.

Each department head will be responsible for developing their own strategic plan with benchmarks for achieving the desired results. Once approved or sent back for revisions I will empower the department heads to execute their plans and provide support and guidance as needed. I will work with each department head to monitor their progress and work together to make necessary adjustments as needed to reach the mutually agreed upon goal.

Here are the foundations of my leadership style:

  • The buck will stop with ME, always.
  • I will inspire city workers and stakeholders by being inspirational. Set the tone and example of what is expected by leading by example.
  • I will create a pyramid-style organization with the mayor at the pinnacle consisting of the best and brightest to help me formulate a strategy and plan to achieve goals aligned with a shared vision and commitment to excellence. I will also empower them to do the job they were hired to do and then let them do it.
    • Department Heads (Report directly to Mayor)
      • Middle Management (Report directly to Department Heads)
        • Rank & File (Report directly to Middle Management and immediate supervisors)
  • I will create a working environment with city employees and stakeholders that fosters creative “out of the box” critical thinking that encourages innovative solutions.
  • I will establish a culture of open communication and inclusion with city employees and stakeholders. I will be an effective team player and will work hard to build constructive and productive relationships even if we disagree. I understand that disrespect, contempt, and personal attacks create unhealthy relationships that undermine sound governance.
  • I will lead from an emotionally mature perspective. I will stay engaged and welcome dissenting viewpoints without overreacting to them even in moments of intense emotional outbursts. As a leader, I will keep my head, act mature and respond professionally at all times.
  • I will be approachable and accessible not only to city workers but also to other elected and appointed leaders in the city government. I will listen carefully to others to understand their ideas and perspectives and be committed to providing clear, diverse, and regular communication with all the communities that make up Chicago. If the Mayor wishes others to fail, then everyone fails. Good relationships and sound policy will serve Chicago well and will be a foundational cornerstone of my administration; spiteful and pandering policy will not.
  • My administration will be truly transparent and transformational.
  • I will be prepared, mentally and intellectually to be Mayor on day 1


Chicago Deserves Better. We need a leader who can build bridges and work successfully with others. A leader who can inspire excellence and encourage others to be invested in a shared vision for the city. We need a mature leader who knows how to be disciplined in their communications with city workers and other stakeholders, even in the most difficult times.

Chicago Deserves Better. We need a Mayor who can restore confidence and trust between City Hall and the people of Chicago. Someone who will be visible to every neighborhood, connected to its people, not just to big unions, big dollar political donors, and back-room influencers. As a citizen candidate and after I am elected Mayor I will not forget about the people who elected me and the trust they placed in my ability to deliver results for them.

Chicago Deserves Better. If after you have read this you feel inspired or hopeful then I already have succeeded better than the current Mayor. I have already demonstrated what can be possible with the right person in City Hall. For years Chicago has elected the same types of leaders from the same polluted well of political insiders and machine organizations. Isn’t it time that we shake up things and elect a true citizen candidate unfettered by imbalanced support from organizations and institutions that oftentimes have their hooks deep into the flesh of the candidate before they even take office with expectations of reciprocal favors once the new Mayor is elected.

Chicago Deserves Better. We live in perilous times and Chicago needs a Mayor who has a positive and hopeful vision for the future. A Mayor that will negotiate for the best interests of the city and ALL of its people, not just the chosen few. A Mayor who will fight the same for everyone, rich or poor, connected or disenfranchised. A Mayor who will help Chicago once again become the desired city for business investment big or small. A Mayor who believes we can be the best version of ourselves given the opportunity and a Mayor who will protect its people from those that desire to do them harm.

Chicago Deserves Better. I Will Deliver.

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